January 15, 2021

17: (Conspiracy Theory) Are Facebook, Google, and Amazon Spying On Us?

Down the rabbit hole we go, launching into our first episode of the conspiracy theory series! I'm joined by Nina, by permanent cohost for this series, as we dive into our research to find out just how Facebook puts all those incredibly specific ads on your newsfeed. Does Amazon's Alexa listen in on your conversations? Is Google tracking your searches and your location? What we found was even more terrifying than the answers to all of that. The real question is: if these sites are free, then what or WHO is the product? Listen to find out!


Watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix for information about how these sites make money.

Duckduckgo.com is an unbiased, private search engine.

Ted Talk by Eli Pariser

Adam Ruins Facebook

Google's Ad Tracking

Google's History of YOU

USA Today article about how Google uses location data to track us

Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself: Studies Done to Prove It


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