January 29, 2021

19: (Unsolved Mysteries) The Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey

Have you heard the Jon Benet Ramsey case in its entirety? I present the case to my true crime novice of a husband who has never even heard of Jon Benet, and we discuss who the killer could be based on all of the evidence and theories. Was it the former beauty queen mother who flew off the handle due to bedwetting? Or maybe the little brother because she ate his pineapple? Or was it former teacher who was sexually obsessed with her and confessed to her murder? Oh yes. It gets WEIRD. Listen now and discuss your theories with us on the social media of your choosing.



Top 8 Suspects

Documentary Jon Benet Ramsey: What Really Happened follows former Investigator Smit's opinion that the murder was the work of an intruder.

Housekeeper Theory

Burke's Proof of Innocence

Burke's Interview with Dr. Phil

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