February 12, 2021

20: (Sex/Relationships) Things to Discuss Before Marriage Pt. 1

So you're thinking about marrying the love of your life or committing to them in a significant way? Are you sure you've taken the time to address all the things that could cause marital bliss to become marital distress? Never fear! We have compiled a list of discussions you need to have before saying I do to ensure that you are prepared to face marital struggles side by side and not butt heads. Joined by my friend Meg, we discuss the first six talking points in this episode in great detail and offer suggestions on how to resolve any issues that have arisen from not having these talks.

In this episode we cover:

  • how to communicate your needs in and out of the bedroom
  • discussing and setting your boundaries and expectations within marriage
  • discussing and managing your quality time needs within your relationship, including alone time, together time, and time with friends.
  • discussing your issues due to your childhood, past relationships, and uncontrollable circumstances that may affect how you act within a partnership.
  • fighting styles and what is and isn't allowed within your relationship
  • finances, spending habits, and working together to eliminate financial stress

This episode is valuable even if you've been married for a while. It can help you initiate these conversations so you can fix difficult areas in your existing marriage/partnership. We do recognize that everyone's situation and relationships are different, and that may make these discussions look different for you. But we hope that you find this episode helpful in resolving any struggles you may be facing and while our discussions are centered around a marriage, we know that serious relationships do not require a marriage license to be official, and that these discussions can be beneficial regardless.


You can find Meg's podcast here.

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