February 19, 2021

21:(Conspiracy Theory) Dead or Alive - Avril Lavigne, Adolf Hitler, Elvis Presley, and Paul McCartney

What really happened to Elvis Presley? Did Hitler really commit suicide? Why do people think Avril is a robot? Nina and I wondered all of this and more, so we did all the research to understand how these conspiracies even came about. And you guys better be glad I did the Elvis research for you, because I lost three hours of my life on it.


Hitler Alive Wikipedia entry

Best "Proof" Elvis Is Alive

Elvis Death Theories

An Interesting Video on Elvis' Reflection in the Window

Article with Muhammed Ali photo, Jesse photo, and Preacher Bob

Dr. Hinton Treats Elvis article

Dr. Hinton Responding to Elvis Not Coming Out

Elvis in Home Alone?

Paul Is Dead video

Paul Is Dead Wikipedia entry

Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Album Cover

Abbey Road album cover article


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