March 28, 2021

25:(Mental Health) Coping with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

In this new mental health episode, I sit down with Cheryl, O'Connell, LPC and take a deep dive into depression- the types, the causes, how we can fight it, and how to help someone you love that's suffering with it. We talk about suicide and what you can do to prevent it. And we take a look at how Covid-19 has affected us and caused mental health issues in so many people who have never suffered from them before. This honest and open episode could save lives and provide ways to cope with the intense emotions enveloping the world we live in today. Please check it out if you or someone you know has struggled with feeling sad, hopeless, lost, or numb.

Ways to Fight Depression Naturally

You can find Cheryl at or

If you or someone you know if suffering from suicidal thoughts or behavior, contact the National Suicide Prevention Line by phone 800-273-8255 or online at

Or in Georgia,

You should reach out for help for yourself or a friend if you/they are experiencing:

  • frequent mood swings or personality changes
  • talking about death or dying
  • purchasing a weapon
  • increased substance use
  • risky or dangerous behavior
  • getting rid of belongings or giving away treasured possessions
  • talking about feeling trapped or wanting a way out
  • pushing people away or saying they want to be left alone
  • saying goodbye with more feeling than usual

If you think your friend is considering suicide, urge them to call their therapist while you’re with them or ask your friend if you can call for them.

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